This is the official website of author Denver Acey.

Use the links at the top to discover more information about Denver Acey or his books:

The Quantum Breach , The Quantum Deception, and The Cryptic Cipher.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Sue Messersmith

    I have read both your books and truly enjoyed them….in fact so much so that I recommended that my Bookworms Book Club read “The Quantum Deception” for October. The subject matter in both books is so topical for today’s world and scary !! I have your bio off of your website to review with the members but also wanted to let the members know if you are writing another book and if so, what is it about?
    Please don’t stop at two books !!
    Thanks Sue Messersmith

    1. Denver Acey Post author

      Sue, thank you for your nice comments about my book! I always enjoy hearing from my readers. I’m pleased to announce that the next book in the series is coming out on April 2016. It’s called The Cryptic Cipher, and it involves Tanner traveling to Central America to break an ancient code that contains an unthinkable secret! Thank you for mentioning my book to your book club. I hope they enjoy it!


  2. Ruby Cheesman

    Just thought you’d like to know that Quantum Breach has been selected by Salt Lake County Library Services as a nominee for our Reader’s Choice Award. 20-25 titles are selected 2x per year. The voting period will be July – Oct 2015. We’ll have lots of copies available at each of our 18 branch libraries. So everyone come pick up a copy and vote!

  3. Joanne Ribeiro

    Hey Denver-
    i just finished reading your book Quantum Deception and loved it. In fact, I checked it out at the library yesterday and could not put in down. Okay I have to keep low because I injured my leg, but still I thought it was truly great book. Loved the way you developed your characters. They were very real and believable.

    This seems like your first book.
    So some of my favorite authors use the same characters in other books. I am a a reader of series , I love these the best. I love going to the same author like Joseph Finder and Catherine Coulter who write these same kinds of spy mystery thrillers, I feel confident that there is nothing bad in their books and also that I am going to get a good mystery to keep me up at night so I will finish the book.
    Your writing was the same. Really good and entertaining. The only trouble is I think your book is entirely believable and it made me scared that someone is going to do this to the US. Thank you for making us the hero and the alphabets the winners. Loved the way the US turned it all back to the Chinese. Ha!
    Keep writing—- this is really good. I look forward to seeing another of your books on the library shelves.
    By the way, the reason I checked out out book is because the front cover said ” A Mormon Hacker Novel. That intrigued me and I wanted to support you. Glad you brought up the church but just a little. Loved the references to Draper and Salt Lake. I live just this side of Draper in Sandy- up Wasatch Blvd. So I am entirely familiar with where you were talking about in your book And now we know what those guys on the mountain are really doing!
    And do you give book talks? I work in a middle school- Mt Jordan Middle school. I think my English Language Arts teacher friend would like to have you give a book talk next year. School is about out by now. But next year, it would be really fantastic if you could come talk to us.
    Joanne Ribeiro

    1. Denver Acey Post author

      Thank you for your comments on my website. I always enjoy hearing back from my readers. I’m glad that you enjoyed the book. You might be interested in reading the prequel, called The Quantum Breach. The story describes more of Tanner’s background and how he got involved in computer hacking. It takes place two years before the Quantum Deception.

      Regards, DA.

      1. Ethan

        Hey! I litterally just finished reading the quantum deception and loved it! I also read the quantum breach before it because it seemed like it was the first book. I think the reason this book was so entriguing is because the way that the things in this book can actually happen.
        My favorite part of this book was when the us messed up the chinese’s web. Do you think that a “dragon virus” will ever happen or someone would wver do it?
        I was wondering how you knew so much about hacking. Did u ever so hacks like how tanner did in collage? If so were u a white hat hacker or black hat? Maybe a little bit of both? Haha.
        Is there a possibility that you might make another book?! It would be cool if u wrote about Slammer and Viper! I think that would be very cool! Anyway love your book, hope to see more.

        1. Denver Acey Post author

          Thank you for commenting on my books. I always enjoy hearing from readers! As far as your question regarding a computer virus like the one mentioned in my book — yes, it’s possible. There’s already been a handful of super-stealthy virus, like Stuxnet and Flame. As long as we use computers, there is always the possibility of malicious viruses. I know this because I worked for years doing computer security for a top-secret government entity. It’s not only possible, it’s inevitable!



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