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Deseret News:

“In The Quantum Deception, Mormon convert and recovering hacker Tanner Zane, who now goes by Tanner Stone, investigates an airliner explosion meant for him. Behind the terrorist attack is a scheme to destroy the financial infrastructure of the United States. Tanner and his team struggle in both the digital and physical worlds to discover and put an stop to the nation-debilitating chaos on the horizon. Acey weaves together meaningful characters and complex, impressive situations with a fluid grace typical of more experienced authors. In fact, that feeling of wanting more from the setting is a credit to Acey’s natural talent to create interesting tapestries to paint his vivid characters on.”

Publishers Weekly:

“Tanner Zane spent much of his college life hacking into computers. Illegal? Yes. Also very profitable. When his grandmother is left penniless as a result of a hacker attack, Tanner changes his ways, and joins the Mormon Church. His college girlfriend was Mormon, and she had set a persuasive example. But Tanner’s past comes back to haunt him when he’s kidnapped and forced to hack into a secure government server, part of a plot to steal a high-level computer device from the Los Alamos Laboratory. To ensure his cooperation, Tanner’s parents are kidnapped. Tanner, however, proves to be a clever and resourceful young man, finding ways to thwart the aims of his kidnappers. Tautly written and filled with surprises, using elements that seem to leap from today’s headlines, the story moves at breakneck pace to a suspenseful and surprising conclusion. Sharply drawn characters and relentless action make for an exciting, engrossing read. Several loose ends and unresolved plot elements promise more entries into this series. That’s very good news.”

Deseret News:

The Quantum Breach is a riveting whirlwind of technological prowess and intellectual one-upmanship, and the minutia take a backseat to an action-packed page-turner difficult to put down.  Not only does The Quantum Breach make for a good yarn, but it also educates on modern hacking techniques and the potentially life-threatening dangers of leaving personal information out to dry on the Internet. A sequel to “The Quantum Breach” is set to be released next year.”

Library Journal:

“The Chinese military is looking to hack into the Los Alamos National Lab and obtain the lab’s quantum computer in a cyberterrorist coup. Not wanting to use their own people and jeopardize political relations with the U.S. government, they force Tanner Zane to work for them by imprisoning his parents. Prior to converting to Mormonism, Tanner was a well-known international hacker. But the Chinese and their American contact underestimate Tanner’s wily intelligence. For both parties, the stakes are high and failure is not an option. Zane is caught between following the tenets of his religion and saving his parents—and maybe the world.

Denver Acey as spent his entire career in the information technology industry working for employers as diverse as the U.S. government and Fortune 500 corporations. His authentic portrait of the cybercrime world will ring true with fans of technothrillers and readers of Dale Brown.”


Denver Acey talks about his book and computer security on The Good Word podcast:

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